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Onions have layers, thin and fragile.

Your first layer is what you wish people to see, dress yourself in what you feel and transform what people preicieve you to be in the way you wish people to like, pay attention to.

Scrape away that artificial layer of lies, untruthful make up and fooling paint and you see more of you, what you really are, what you really like, what you are destined to become whether lovely or not.

As layers are slowly peeled away your being is out in the open, more your being exposed to everything you are, everything you will be, nothing to be hidden from the people you love, the people who love you.

All the layers are disposed of now, your soul core bare and seen by all. How do you feel? Do the people who loved you see you the same way? is your personality and look different than what it was before? Only the ones who truely love you accept you and everything you are no matter how demonic or differnt you may be, only seeing you as a person never a worthless layer. How do they see yourself as all your secrets, all your layer hidden true self you wish not to be seen is shown as they are peeled away? You shouldn't feel anything but glowing pride. Thats what people should see, your loved ones and everyone who sees you. Dont let yourself be hidden by layers of false coverings, be free and righteous. Make the world cry with your lost layers, and weep at the sight of your true core.


An improvemnet on my friend's "Onions"
izzy3301 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
i love this :P
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August 31, 2012
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