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Perceptions can guide us, perceptions can blind us. Everything that is our perceptions is everything we ever will see, everything we will hope to be, all our opinions, our dreams. Being true to yourself will let your soar the feathered flights of birds, soaring the heights of the hatred and jealous mockery of the people who wish to do as you did. But with power of succees comes the responsibility of still believing in the things you did before, not to let your being melt away and to be frozen in a personality of condescension and the mockery that you powered through to get to where you were. This frozen mutation will change who you were, what you saw, the things you hoped to be, your opinions, your dreams.

Perceptions can guide us, but dont let it blind you.


lol just a quick piece i wrote for school when i was like ten :) lol it was supposed to be a freeverse poem that was based upon being true to yourself and not to change your personality because your status may have ... idk lol
Nomorewars Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
I feel like i can do anything now
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August 29, 2012
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